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2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Science

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Campus Location: Calmar, Peosta, Dubuque, Online

Program Entry: Enrollment may occur during any term

Award: Associate of Science degree

Enrollment Process: See Enrollment Process  

The Associate of Science Degree is primarily designed to enable you to transfer your work to a four-year college or university for the purpose of earning a baccalaureate degree. This degree program also offers opportunities for personal enrichment or career enhancement and provides a foundation in mathematics and science designed for transfer in a prescribed area of specialization. You should choose an intended major at a transfer institution as soon as possible and select courses which are required for your major.

General Degree Requirements

  1. The Associate of Science degree will include a minimum of 60 semester hours of courses designed and acceptable for transfer, and may include up to 16 semester hours of career-technical courses. Note: Students not ready to begin college/transfer level writing and math courses may need additional prerequisite course work that requires them to exceed the 60 credit hours minimum.
  2. Students transferring an Associate of Science degree to a public university must have maintained a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0 on all graded arts and sciences courses acceptable for transfer.
  3. A 2.0 cumulative GPA and a passing grade in all required courses.
  4. Earn a minimum of 18 credit hours at NICC that meet degree requirements.
  5. Completion of SDV 179 - The College Experience  course.

General Education Core Requirements

Humanities/Social Science: 12 Credits

Transfer level courses from ART, ASL, CLS, DRA, ECN. FLS, GEO, HIS, HUM, LIT, MUS, PHI, POL, PSY, REL, SOC

One of the following History courses is required: ART 203  ART 204  HIS 131  HIS 132  HIS 151  HIS 152  HIS 214  

One of the following diversity courses is required: ASL 131  ASL 161  ASL 241  ASL 271  CLS 150  COM 148  FLS 141  FLS 142  FLS 241  FLS 242  FLS 282  HIS 214  HUM 108  HUM 170  LIT 115  LIT 186  SOC 208  

Math and Science: 20 Credits

Minimum of one math and one science course (transfer level): BIO, CHM, ENV, MAT, PHS, PHY. One science course must include a lab component.

Elective(s): 19 Credits

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